They are handmade using essential oils and herbs of the highest quality. They do not contain preservatives, artificial colours or odours and do not contain parabens or other chemical additives. The handmade soaps come in 9 different varieties: lavender, rosemary, orange, lemon, cinnamon, mint, sea, flower and olive oil. (Depending on the season and availability, we are able to offer you other varieties)
Soaps also come in two sizes: small and large.


They are made of 100% pure soy wax with a high percentage of quality scented oils, also without parabens. Creamy pleasantly scented wax, and soot-free candle flames, make our candles welcome in every space!

Lanterns – lanterns are made with home-grown roses and ecological paraffin. The lanterns can be empty (a regular candle or a tea light can be placed inside) and full, which means they are filled with eco wax or soy wax if desired..


Flavoured salts, with their scent, invite everyone to a relaxing bath. All ingredients are 100% natural. They are proven to have relaxing and beneficial effects on the skin, softening and revitalising it. Choose one of four versions from our range; rosemary, lavender, sea, or orange.


Should you wish to include an item that is not “perishable” in your gift package, this is an ideal solution. Souvenirs are kept on shelves and remind us of the places we have visited and where we have made wonderful memories. Per request, they can be personalised to reflect you more.

Muffin soaps – apart from being attractive, one part of the soap is meant to wash the body while the other is for the face.

Scented wax – fills any room with a rich aroma that is long-lasting, but subtle, wherever it is placed.

Bath “Confectionery” – make every bathing experience the ultimate pleasure. 100% natural handmade sparkling confectionery made from medicinal and pre-macerated herbs that relax and rejuvenate. All the ingredients are natural and, in addition to the relaxing effect, also have a beneficial effect on the skin.

These natural, handmade products come packaged in specially designed boxes which will make the overall impression all the more perfect. The products can be combined according to your wishes. Anything you choose will be suitably packaged (products, boxes, ribbons) according to your choice.